Protein function prediction

The goal of this exercise is to use web based tools for protein sequence analysis
  • Take this TrEMBL sequence (Q9X252) and try a BLAST against SwissProt with the complete protein or with the first 70 residues or with the coils filter. Explain the difference.
    Use TMPred, SignalP, and COILS to help you (or EMBOSS tools).
  • Try to predict post-translational modifications (PTMs) or antigenic peptides
  • Pass this sequence through PFSCAN or InterProScan and search all databases.
  • Use the different profile, motifs, pattern databases to get more information about the domain(s) you found.
  • How do you evaluate the PRINTS tropomyosin annotation in this TrEMBL entry (Q9WZH0)?

List of useful links:

Profile, domain, motifs databases and search sites: