Gene prediction

Slide presentation

The slide presentation about HMMs and Profiles in pdf format (2 pages per slide).


Today we will have an overview of gene prediction algorithms available on the web.

These two chormosomal sequences of 200 kb belong to mouse and human respectively: AC002397 and U47924. The regions contain 16 functional genes.

Eight subregions of 20'000 bp have been extracted from the mouse contig:

	AC002397  (12001 -  32000)
	AC002397  (32001 -  52000)
	AC002397  (52001 -  72000)
	AC002397  (72001 -  92000)
	AC002397 (120001 - 140000)
	AC002397 (140001 - 160000)
	AC002397 (160001 - 180000)
	AC002397 (180001 - 200000)

Choose one of these sequences. The goal is to predict all complete genes contained in one sequence using gene prediction programs, EST searches, and species comparisons.

Rules of the game:

Proceed in four steps, using increasing amounts of information not necessarily available for all genes:


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